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About Us

Dax Holdings, the proud owner of a group of companies providing you with the solutions you need for your progress.
With a history of three decades Dax Engineering Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Is one of the pioneering companies in Sri Lanka with a vast range of construction equipment to suit your requirements from road construction, quarry applications and site developing. Rely on Dax Engineering for your investments to be robust in strength and durable in trust.
Next International (Pvt) Ltd. providing you with total compressed air solutions, alternate power solutions and material handling equipment to last long till the job is done.
Deepwell Drilling and Soil Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the well established tube well drilling companies in Sri Lanka with a reputation of finding water in the harshest conditions throughout the island and our detailed soil inspections which helps in the decision making of erecting giants in the building construction industry.
Lexi Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. providing you with the up-to-date and reliable security systems for largely operated businesses and households alike.
Fully equipped Service Depots for all our companies and High skilled technicians ensure you that our products will endure to their apex and withstand any crucial requirement you need done.

Cutting edge technology and enhanced efficiency is guaranteed with our products giving you the best productivity with the lowest maintaining costs.
Dax Holdings is totally meant in solutions for a better tomorrow.